Information and Football Shirt Argentina at the 2018 World Cup

The World Cup held in Argentina in 1978 provoked a great deal of controversy. Before the governing group in power, Argentina is in political turmoil. Nevertheless, the World Cup went smoothly without major incidents, the host having finally won the trophy, bringing little joy to hardworking nationals.

According to Argentina, “Olena”, the Argentine national team could come to China for the warm-up match of this year’s World Cup, while Chinese fans should see at home, as the star style of Messi . “Ao Lai Bao” said that this week the Chinese Football Association invited the Argentine national team in April or May to perform a warm-up match in China, the Argentine Football Association has not yet responded , the case remains to be decided. According to the plan, Argentina will host a warm-up match with Switzerland on March 23 and later on March 27 with the Spanish team. In addition, the Argentinean Football Association also intends to organize a warm-up match for the national team by the end of May, which also allows the Chinese Football Association to see Argentina’s invitation to play in China.

For the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Argentina will play its matches in a brand new outfit. A jersey inspired by the design of the jersey worn during the Copa America of 1993 played in Ecuador. But that’s not all ! Adidas, attached to the history of Albiceleste, goes even further, paying tribute to the 125th anniversary of the Argentine Football Federation. Lionel Messi will wear this new adidas jersey with historical design and innovative new technologies to the delight of the Argentinean football team!

Our shop offers you the junior jersey of Argentina for the 2018 World Cup in Russia! A jersey for young fans of Lionel Messi and the team of Albiceleste Made of recycled polyester to preserve the planet’s resources and reduce carbon emissions.

Argentina 2018 soccer jersey world cup. this Argentina jersey with V-neck, color is white and light blue. three-band design on both shoulders. Logo “125” in relief at the waist to the right to pay tribute to the 125th anniversary of the Argentine Football Federation, Tape at the neck, Mesh inserts with optimized breathability. From the Pampas eagle so far won the most in international competition – the famous shirt worn in the America’s Cup in 1993, the new shirt is uniformly placed on the front and back of three sky blue Stripes, accompanied by the classic ribbed V-neck white and white sleeves, reproducing the classic at the same time create a new look of a modern image.

Loved by players, providing greater freedom of movement while providing a feeling of support, tapered fit for high performance comfort, cinched waist for maximum support so you can focus on your game, mesh inserts for ventilation optimal, ribbed sleeves for a perfect fit, exceptional breathability, increased range of motion.

Home Team’s 2018 Home Soccer Jersey

Near the 2018 World Cup, NetEase Sports cooperated with the French national team and launched the “Last Star Club” section to follow the latest developments of the Gallo Rooster. On March 20, Beijing time, the French national team arrived at the training base in Clay Fontaine and prepared for the next warm-up match with Colombia. The formation of the national team, for many players, is also an old meeting of friends. Pogba, Grizman, Giroud and other friends hugged each other and found that the atmosphere in this French team is quite harmonious.

In the recent interview of the French Football Association, Atletico Madrid Lucas said: “I am very honored to play for the French national team, it is my childhood dream. Lucas was selected for the last big list of the French national team. “I am very happy and honored to play for the French national team Now that I am here, I will do my best to give the best of myself to my teammates and coaches. “The shirt of the French national team is everything. When you were a child, you dreamed to wear this jersey and dreamed to defend this jersey … Now, I have this chance, it is my childhood dream and now I have succeeded.

Benzema was not selected for the French national team and had no effect on the France team. Statistics show that only 18% of French support Benzema in the national team. Benzema will feed the cake: does your striker have a cake to feed? In addition, Benzema has not always been able to feed the cakes. When the team needs to score, they usually choose to be stealthy.

And now, the offensive talents of the French team are numerous and there is no significant impact of Benzema. It’s just the depth of the bench. However, the depth of the range is obviously insignificant in the cutting system such as the World Cup. Judging by the history of the French team at Benzema, the performance was not very good. Regarding the effectiveness of the goal, even Big Jilu can not compare. Not to mention Galitzman, Lacazette, Mbappemacher.

So we present you the new football jersey, it’s the Team de France Home Soccer Jersey 2018 World Cup. this football shirt and top quality, France home shirt 2018 with the original collar with button placket 1 button, ribbed French flag inside the neckline, graphic tone on tone on each sleeve, hexagon with mention “NOS DIFFERENCES JOIN US “at the neckline, The new jerseys home and away from the French national team, allied to elegance and innovation, are the new status of the” Blues “in Russia this summer .

In France, the national team represents a way of life: the “Blue Shirt Army” is the nickname of the national team and a living representation of the French character. Tradition and vitality coexist in this team, as do their fans. The combination of the strong traditions of France and the constant embrace of the future has shaped the contemporary culture of the Gallic Rooster. Nike logo on the chest of the right, the badge of the football club on the chest of the left.

Colombia Home Soccer Jersey 2018 World Cup

After living volleyball, Colombia, etc., arrived in the spring After losing three consecutive World Cups, Colombia returned to South America when the 2014 World Cup came back. In this preliminary round, the top eight players from the last eight teams completed the qualifying goal for the team’s Legion of Coffee. However, to calculate the score, Colombian fans do not buy it, the qualification of the team is based on the “stability”, but it means another meaning: in the face of an opponent of mediocre strength, Colombia has missed and even captured Bolivia. Highland House.

However, against the rivals, the Colombian record is weak and the last four battles have not been successful: if the Brazilians did not play well, the Brazilians helped Brazil to kill Chile. In a total of eight games at home and away from all four teams, Colombia had only four draws and four losses. Hard to beat him, the Argentine coach Pekelman was confronted with many pressures of the Olympic Games: the sharp criticism of Becuse against Pekerman at the end of the preliminaries: “The Colombian team is not a team, the head coach is only responsible for summoning the team members, and there is no action. Although the words are tough, it also shows that the team’s performance can not really meet the expectations of fans and the media.

Once again, Colombia returned to Brazil in 2014. The formation of the team is already very strong and when the team takes shape, it becomes a starting team with a high ranking. Despite the absence of “Tiger” Falcao, J Luo was born in the World Cup, Colombia scored 6 goals on 10 to wear the Golden Boots and helped the team to reach the top 8. After 3 years, Colombia must still qualify for the World Cup. Based on the game of J Luo, he scored 6 goals and assists 4 times, the two statistics being the highest on the team, shaming teammates up front.

Now, we present you the new football shirt, it’s the Home 2018, this cheap football jersey and superior quality. this Colombia jersey with Korean collar, yellow color, design with three bands on both shoulders, blue and red geometric figures on this jersey. The new jersey of the Colombian national team, a talented star such as James RodrĂ­guez, will wear this jersey to embark on the next trip to the World Cup. The design of the new jersey was inspired by the classic jersey style of the Colombian team of the 1990s and integrated into the advanced craftsmanship and innovative design of the 21st century.

The new cheap football kits were created from the most classic jersey of the Colombian team at the World Cup in Italy in 1990. Both sides of the jersey were drawn in blue and red and reinterpreted the design of the 1990s while displaying the colors of the Colombian flag. In detail, the name “UNIDOS POR UN PAIS” is printed on the collar of the shirt, which means “out of the city”. Adidas logo on the chest of the right, the badge of the national football team on the chest of the left.